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On Fri, 2005-05-06 at 09:27 -0700, Lance Earl wrote:
> > 
> > Lance, from your answers you need to get up to date
> > on DNS which is an
> > important part of configuring a public web site with
> > mail. This is a
> > comprehensive and easy to understand howto.

Lance, our associates looked at you web site and sent the following
communication. I'm posting it here for archive purposes and in the event
it didn't reach you because of email issues:

Mr. Earl,

My name is Tom McDonald and I work with Tom Adelstein and Ralph Green.
Tom asked Ralph and I to look at the message headers you sent and see if
anything is obvious, and also to assist you with your site

I took the liberty of doing some preliminary checking of your DNS and
also did a port scan along with checking the header info you sent him.
Several things look like they need some work.

#1. The header files show the attempted delivery and the site name looks
like it is corrupted with localhost.localdomain printed as 
> May  4 22:05:41 lolocalhostostfix/local[9857]:
If it's only the printout that's corrupted, then the
localhost.localdomain needs to be defined in your local zone files.
This is based on the message 
<wwwwwata@lolocalhostolocaldomain Sender address 
> rejected: Domain not found (in reply to RCPT TO
> command)
What the headers show mainly is somethings not right...  either the
Postfix setup is wrong, or the DNS setup is wrong, or both.

I also did a portscan and you have a number of ports exposed to the
Internet that should really be behind a firewall or at least a NAT
device.  This is the list from the scan; 
21/tcp   open     ftp
22/tcp   open     ssh
53/tcp   open     domain
80/tcp   open     http
110/tcp  open     pop3
135/tcp  filtered msrpc
137/tcp  filtered netbios-ns
138/tcp  filtered netbios-dgm
139/tcp  filtered netbios-ssn
143/tcp  open     imap
445/tcp  filtered microsoft-ds
593/tcp  filtered http-rpc-epmap
1025/tcp filtered NFS-or-IIS
1433/tcp filtered ms-sql-s
3306/tcp open     mysql
4444/tcp filtered krb524
Device type: general purpose
Running: Linux 2.4.X|2.5.X|2.6.X
OS details: Linux 2.4.18 - 2.6.7
Uptime 10.350 days (since Tue Apr 26 17:19:39 2005)

Some of these servers are dangerous to leave open and exposed to the
Internet, depending on the versions, release info. and configuration.
Even though some of ports are filtered, they may provide access to your
host (especially the netbios, rpc, and nfs services.)

Your zone files show that you only have two IP 's

dallypost.com.          NS      ns1.dallypost.com.
dallypost.com.          NS      ns2.dallypost.com.
dallypost.com.          A
appaloosas.dallypost.com.       A
appys.dallypost.com.    A
barrelhorses.dallypost.com.     A
buckskins.dallypost.com.        A
cowhorses.dallypost.com.        A
cuttinghorses.dallypost.com.    A
dev.dallypost.com.      A
dunhorses.dallypost.com.        A
foundationhorses.dallypost.com. A
ftp.dallypost.com.      A
halterhorses.dallypost.com.     A
horses.dallypost.com.   A
mail.dallypost.com.     A
members.dallypost.com.  A
ns1.dallypost.com.      A
ns2.dallypost.com.      A
painthorses.dallypost.com.      A
pleasurehorses.dallypost.com.   A
quarterhorses.dallypost.com.    A
reininghorses.dallypost.com.    A
roanhorses.dallypost.com.       A
saddlehorses.dallypost.com.     A
saddles.dallypost.com.  A
showhorses.dallypost.com.       A
speedhorses.dallypost.com.      A
stallions.dallypost.com.        A
tack.dallypost.com.     A
talk.dallypost.com.     A
www.dallypost.com.      A

Although this works, it is generally frowned on to setup the hosts with
A records.  You should consider changing them to CNAME instead.  As long
as the name server can associate the host with the address you should be
able to connect to the WEB server then the virtual hosts configured in
the web server would point to the location of the documentroot for each
virtual host.

I assume there is no MX record because of the mail server problems, but
without one you will not be able to test the mail server except

Your reverse lookup only shows the NS1 and ns2 hosts.  It should really
show the cname for all the other hosts as well.

This is just a preliminary look at the site and we could probably help
with your setup.  

Tom Adelstein for Tom McDonald 

The web pages look good, makes me remember my younger days when I was
breaking horses for my uncle.  :')