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Faulty Software Updater on 16.04

On 7 October 2017 at 19:15, Bret Busby <bret.busby at gmail.com> wrote:
> What does "the ESR version" mean? Does it come as a .deb package, for
> simple installation?

Google it.

I also told you how to install it. Google that, too.

> 1. It is v54, to which I referred as malware.
> I would go so far to say that firefox v54 is a trojan.

[ranting deleted]

As I said to Owen Thomas yesterday.

Do you really think that if that happened to everyone, it would just
be ignored? That no reviewer or tester would have noticed and reported
it? That everyone running F'fox 54 got the same and nobody complained?

That idea is _ridiculous_ and it does not take deep introspection or
study to realise that.

I am not saying it did not happen to _you_ but it didn't happen to
everyone else running F'fox 54. Of _course_ it didn't or there would
have been an international outcry.

Therefore it was just you and you got some screwed settings or a
malicious addon.

So I Googled it and this was the 3rd hit.


Nothing to do with Ff 54. A malicious seach addon. Remove that, you're
good and you can upgrade your machine as normal.

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