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Advice for user with impaired vision

On 09/30/2017 01:55 PM, Colin Law wrote:
> I am looking for suggestions to help a friend who has poor vision to
> use his computer.  Obviously I can make the text and icons larger but
> I wonder whether anyone can offer any other advice or any tools that
> might help further. His vision is not so poor that he needs a text to
> speech screen reader.
> Colin

One thing that helped me a lot waiting for cataract surgery was 
turning on a feature that enabled "mouse trails" -- a series of 
mouse pointer images left behind the mouse as it moves and that 
fade out quickly.  Without that I could never see where the mouse 
pointer was.

Unfortunately, that was on Windows I think.  I don't see anything 
in my Xfce4 accessibility settings that looks like it.  But maybe
other desktop suites offer it or it is available as an add-on.