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Kubuntu SDDM kills keyboard

Xen wrote:
> Nils Kassube schreef op 30-11-2017 7:47:
> > Xen wrote:
> >> I stopped SDDM using systemctl stop sddm from within KDE this time
> >> and expected to be returned to a TTY as usual.
> >> 
> >> It took away my keyboard and I had again no way to log in to a tty
> >> and restart it.
> > 
> > Please write bug reports, like Oli suggested in his reply to your
> > Ubiquity thread.
> The bug on /var has existed since ancient days, was reported, and
> never fixed.
> The bug on grub has been reported by myself, someone tried to look
> into it (not sure if it was anyone from Canonical or Ubuntu) but it
> was never fixed.
> Reporting bugs doesn't help, they're not gonna get fixed anyway.
> Raising awareness might help.
> Please quit derailing stuff you know...
> I don't have time to endlessly write bug reports and then follow up on
> them and provide data while there is zero outcome.
> It is just one of these scams "If you do this your life will get
> better".

I'm not sure what you mean with "Raising awareness". If you want to make 
developers aware of problems, it wouldn't help to mention them on this 
user support list. If you want to make other users aware, it may help a 
few people who read your post before they also run into the same 

It's a pity if your bugs didn't get fixed. Then I can understand that 
you don't like to further report bugs. I had a better experience - I 
have reported several bugs over the years and I think most (not all) 
have been fixed.

> > The right place for bug reports is
> > <https://bugs.launchpad.net/>, not this list.
> > 
> > You could also use the
> > command ubuntu-bug, in this case "ubuntu-bug sddm"
> The bug is not in sddm.
> I have since verified that it also happens in lightdm.
> I mean I have verified that it also happens in lightdm.

Well, from the subject of the thread I concluded it was a sddm issue and 
therefore I suggested the appropriate command. But as you wouldn't 
report the bug it was useless anyway.