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name resolution

Liam Proven schreef op 26-11-2017 22:28:

> * Install the Windows Phone development kit.
> * Then install Virtual PC (free download from MS) and XP Mode (also a
> free download). Then you can run XP, or DOS or anything, under Windows
> 8.x.


> But the thing is, and yes the editors are a bit basic but that is why
> I said "a full-featured word processor" -- I'm using Word 6 for DOS --
> is that when you boot into DOS, you can't Alt-Tab to the browser for
> a quick look at Twitter and then find that 4 hours magically
> disappeared.

I suffer the same :(.

> This happens to me every day. :-(

I am even on 3G so I can't use YouTube :p.

>> Called mini-SATA (or even micro-SATA these days).
> You mean the tiny edge connector used on SSDs?

There are 2 types, the one laptops use is mini-SATA and I think also on 
SSDs (normal size) but I have an mSATA SSD so I needed a different 
adapter for that.

So I have an adapter for mini-SATA (regular laptop HDD, 1.8") and 
micro-SATA (msata) for really tiny thingies.