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name resolution

Joel Rees schreef op 24-11-2017 1:35:

>> It was an Apple decision not Lennart one.
> Or, if you prefer, Poettering using Apple as an excuse.


It has no practical necessity and it is pure politics.

It is coercing people to give up the .local domain by explicitly making 
it impossible for them to use it on purpose.

There is no necessity for that coercion other than having an agenda 
about it in the first place.

You can easily put mDNS last and it will never hurt you.

That is, you can change:

hosts:  files mdns5_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns


hosts:  files dns mdns5_minimal

And it will never hurt you one bit.

All your ZEROCONF technology will keep working and to boot you can use 
the .local domain.

It's that simple.