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Ahhhh, thanks, problem solved then ! :o) And thanks to everyone who
So I had the first part of the solution (print to .ps from xpdf) and you
just gave me the other part of the solution..  ps2pdf :-)

> If you want the easy way, you can download the newly created file from:
> http://siebzehn.homeip.net/pub/manual.zip
> The file will be up for 24 hrs only, so hurry up

Thanks, you can take it off-line now, I got it :o)

.ps is great, bypasses the protections, and with 'GGV', I can even
delete 80% of the pages (it's in 5 languages), to make the file as small
as possible, which is important as my friend does not have broadband...

Problem solved then :-)