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Gediminas Bukauskas

> kamstrup wrote:
> > Slax is < 250 MB, and has a full featured desktop... How can it not be
> > possible to squeeze a live-installer Ubuntu onto a cd then? An
> > installer would be nothing but a bunch of Python scripts and
> > .glade-files. Should be doable in under 1 MB, provided that the system
> > has a layout that allows for running from cd and hd.
> Problem is that Ubuntu uses .deb packages.
> Live CDs don't need packages: you upgrade them by replacing the CD. A
> full install really needs some sort of packaging for managing upgrades.
> And deb packages (and RPMs too, come to that) are not merely archive
> formats where you can run the program from within the package: you need
> to run the install scripts (and have writable filesystems so the install
> scripts can do their job).
> There probably are ways around this. But it involves making the job of
> the packagers much more difficult, or a very smart program to be able to
> take a .deb and its installed files on disk, and create a "diff" that
> can recreate the original .deb from the installed package plus the
> difference.
> (Signed packages aren't actually a problem: you can store the signatures
> separately, and if the "package recombiner" does its job well, the
> signatures will match).
> As I say, such a program would have to be pretty smart. And to my
> knowledge, it doesn't exist. So someone would have to write it. And it
> would make an install from such a CD much slower.
> So it's possible. But definitely not worth it.
> James.
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