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Another rant

Teresa e Junior schreef op 16-11-2017 19:04:
> Em 16/11/2017 14:49, Liam Proven escreveu:
>> That's interesting. I work for SUSE these days, so I would welcome
>> pointers of anything you can reproduce. I will find who to feed the
>> information to so that they can rectify it.
> That was around three years ago. I'm happy if things have improved,
> but at the time I gave up on running it as a desktop for things that
> didn't work as expected, and also on SUSE Studio, after its images
> would refuse to boot.

Personally I just hated the scaled gecko background that I couldn't get 
rid of.

The shifting one.

It was in the grub background.

It was in the initrd background.

It was in the desktop manager session.

It was in the desktop itself.

I could only change the one in the desktop.

It was hell.