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Best argument I've heard yet. I like it when we use the technology to 
simplify things, not have us change the way we want to work, because the 
technology is limited. But all my Unix colleagues, still want to use 
hard returns at 80 characters and text based mailers that don't cope 
with HTML, binary attachments and auto word wrap. I can't call them 
dinosaurs coz the dinosaurs are extinct and they're still here :-), but 
I do stir them a lot <g>

Sam Tygier wrote:

> * when helping people new to linux dont tell them
> "just do sudo apt-get install somecrazypackagename"
> because they are going to have to come back and ask how to install the 
> next package they need.
> tell them how to find a package in synaptic, so they can be self 
> sufficient and so they dont get into the habbit of typing some random 
> command that they are told on the web.
> and personally i think top posting is easier, so that you can follow a 
> thread using a threaded mail viewer. other wise when you select the 
> next message you have to scroll through a load of stuff you have 
> already read. if people only left in the relivent parts it would be ok.

Kind Regards Russell
Linux user #369094