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Konsole select into primary clipboard

Liam Proven schreef op 11-11-2017 23:53:

> If you do Paste Special.

Right. Well LibreOffice also has its paste menu whenever something is 

>> Except you haven't.
>> You have been using an archaic side effect
> *Shrug* So?

So the IBM/DEC interface you rumour is not up to the test.

>> that pretty much no one has been
>> using,
> Hey. Whoa whoa whoa! [[Citation needed]]
> Among skilled Unix users, this is well-known and widely used, IME.
> _Very_ widely used. More widely used than Vi, I reckon.

Which is how many people on a global scale?

"Among skilled Unix users".

Unix (Linux) accounts for no more than 3% of desktop users.

If we add todays smartphone users, it is even less (those don't account 
for Linux desktop).

Today, 1/3 of web visits happens through mobile.

Of the 2/3 that is desktop visits, 3% is Linux/Unix.

Of the 1/3 that is mobile visit, nothing is Linux/Unix.

Enough citation?

>>  to augment a system that otherwise would be too limited.
> Also total nonsense. There are about 100x as many Mac and Windows
> users as Linux users. They all have only one clipboard. They seem fine
> with it. I read no complaints. "Too limited" is _not true_.

Then why do you fear discarding it?

You don't see how contradictory you are?

You laud a system you say is unnecessary, but is in "heavy" use.

Me, I *do* miss another clipboard in Windows.

It frequently happens that I forget to save something and I lose some 

Normally when I think of it, as said, I put it in a Notepad window.

>> Yes and In Windows I Just Use Notepad As Another Scratch Pad but I 
>> haven't
>> found a good, or I have never found a good notepad in Linux for that.
> (?)

I notice a question mark wrapped in 2 parentheses. Good for you.

> My Linux editor of choice is Tilde:
> https://os.ghalkes.nl/tilde/
> I have blogged about this:
> http://liam-on-linux.livejournal.com/42908.html

Still sounds like you found something that "will do", nothing great.

But anyway.

There is a clone of the MS-DOS editor right. Is that Tilde?

>> I still prefer a good dead-keys thing, in fact in the Netherlands we 
>> have
>> always used US keyboard layout for computers.
>> We had Dutch layout for typing machines, but switched to US layout for
>> computers.
> I didn't know that. Interesting.

Dutch layout wasn't that much different except - was on the ? key, and a 
few others.

£ may have had its own key.

>> The only issue with dead keys is that they have to be similar.
>> So we never had the "multitude of different keyboards".
>> The problem with Compose is that it is completely hidden.
> If you look closely at a DEC keyboard, you'll see Compose has its own
> dedicated key:
> http://www.wickensonline.co.uk/retro/images/KEYBOARD-MAIN.JPG


> Sun gave it a dedicated key, too:
> http://xahlee.info/kbd/i/kb/sun_type_6_keyboard_meta_compose_altgraph_keys.jpg

Looks better.

>> How is a novice going to learn about these combinations?
> When I did that sort of thing for a living, I told people how it
> worked and gave them a demo.
> Then I made it a little game. I got them to try it and then made them
> guess new combinations that I had _not_ shown them.
> Most people quickly learn how it works and start to guess correctly.
> This gives them a feeling of achievement -- positive reinforcement,
> and it's fun. Leave them to experiment -- a check and reminder once or
> twice after 2-3 days -- and they are off. It's a very discoverable
> feature.
>> If it was purely for proze I would never step away from the Windows 
>> dead
>> keys.
>> It only "bugs" while doing <--.
> Compose + < + - == â??

I meant " characters ;-).

> :-)
> And â?? too.

I can do that in Zim! But I ctrl-Z it ;-).

>> But it seems that for practical purposes a dedicated feature set for a
>> specific layout is more pleasant.
> If you mainly type only in 1 language, yes.
> I have worked for several nationalities of employer in several
> countries. For people with a more international life, it's a problem.

Personally if they would put the spellcheck off by default or think of 
people who are bilingual,

that would be the biggest thing.

>> Okay so there are people who have tried to fix the thing and 
>> apparently
>> succeeded but it doesn't work for me.
> I really don't like KDE any more, either. I will reformat my work
> laptop at some point and remove it again. Maybe try Cinnamon or
> something.

I am on a mobile connection atm,

so I can't download ISOs on a batch

or I would probably have installed Ubuntu 16.04 (Unity)