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Hang on splash logo while booting

On 08/11/17 07:30, Colin Law wrote:> As Ralf suggests try again with 
splash. If that still doesn't work tell
> us what you did to stop the splash. Also boot again without splash and 
> look in syslog to see what is there for the failed boot.

Finally got a chance to try again. Syslog offered no clues that I was 
able to identify, but I'm not a kernel engineer, so there is much in 
there that I don't grok. But there was nothing to suggest anything 
related to the repetitive errors I quoted before.

While digging around on marginally related missions I came across a page 
on bringing up Ubuntu on an XPS 15 in dual boot with Windows. I'm not 
doing that, but I used the suggestions on 
for how to deal with getting the latest nVidia drivers and switching 
from the synaptics to libinput touchpad driver. Now it boots normally in 
graphical mode, so in my ignorance I suspect the video driver.

The touchpad was indeed grossly oversensitive, and is now relatively 
normal (Dell touchpads and Linux don't play nicely and never have).

Thank you all for your help.