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Konsole select into primary clipboard

Duane Whitty schreef op 11-11-2017 16:00:

> I realize that this may not be of much help since it seems you don't 
> use
> /don't want to use vi/vim much but you might be interested in checking
> out the information on registers in vim
> :help registers

Yes I know that the previous deletion if it is multi-line ends up in 
register 2.

So with the above example I could delete the empty line and it would end 
up in 1, pushing the previous deletion (my cut) to register 2.

Regardless that is pretty complicated.

You constantly have to watch how much stuff you have deleted or how many 

But the problem is I cannot delete and copy at the same time while using 
the 0 register,

except by explicitly mentioning another one, such as by doing


on the lines I want to copy.