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system freezes

compdoc schreef op 08-11-2017 15:34:
> On 11/08/2017 07:27 AM, Xen wrote:
>> My system runs fine in Windows.
> I hear that a lot. Try live booting from a dvd or usb stick, to rule
> out your OS.
> IRQ conflicts used to cause problems, but I dont see a lot of that
> these days. You can try removing all but the most necessary cards, and
> moving cards to different slots.

I know I can do a shitload of troubleshooting but I don't have time for 
that now.

Busy week.

I was running live Ubuntu 14.04 for a while but no issues, but also not 
running from raid or dm-cache.

I have also been a bit in live Kubuntu 16.04 with this system and/or 
15.10 but no issues then.

So I still think it could be either the raid or the dm-cache, but I 
suspect dm-cache more.

I conconted this script for now:


devs="msata-root msata-root_cache_cdata"

declare -A dms

for f in $devs; do
         dms[$f]="dm-$(dmsetup info $f -c -o major,minor --noheadings | 
cut -d: -f2)"

grepar=$(echo ${dms[@]} | sed "s/\s/\\\\|/g")

while true; do
         { [ $(( i % 7)) -eq 0 ] && { date; echo; }
         vmstat -d | grep "$grepar"
         echo; } | tee -a /var/log/vmstat.log
         i=$(( i++ ))
         sleep 8s

With a bit of luck I will at least have queue stats when next my system