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Printer Problem

On Sat, 2017-01-28 at 22:09 +1100, Peter wrote:
> When I first set this up VirtualBox was in the repository for Ubuntu?
> 14.04.??After it was all working I upgraded rather the installed
> 16.04.

Coming to this late; apologies if the following has already been

Double check the VirtualBox version(s) you have installed on the
working vs the non-working system, if you still have a working system
to compare with. I seem to recall that earlier versions didn't support
USB properly (or did - something to do with USB anyway). Sorry to
guess; I don't use USB with VirtualBox, so no experience there.

You can download any older version from virtualbox.org, so you can
match versions with your working system. If you are definitely running
identical versions, then I guess the issue has to be with changes to
Ubuntu itself. USB does get changed under the hood a fair bit (though
usually for the better!)

> It is many years since I have worked at terminal level in Linux and
> at 82 it can get a bit confusing.

Don't put yourself down. Getting confused is not confined to the
elderly, I assure you. I have the stabbed, burned, shot-up and stomped
on ex-hardware to prove it.[1]

Regards, K.

[1] Only in my imagination. But if swearing could physically damage
stuff there would be a LOT of wreckage around the house.

Karl Auer (kauer at biplane.com.au)

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