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Re: Ubiquity NG - was Re: ubiquity migrated to git

Hey Mark / Simon,
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Third, we have Electron, which is the HTML5 app framework used by world
class app developers. Skype, Spotify and a ton of GREAT apps on Ubuntu
are Electron apps.
I respectfully disagree that this is the correct approach for a system
installer. With all due respect to these very popular applications,
Electron uses quite a bit of system resources and could be interesting
to get working correctly. If you are absolutely certain that this is the
way to go, I won't argue this point too much, but I believe that you
would have triple the speed (and/or it would use a third of the memory)
by writing a native application rather than an Electron one, and with
proper testing and organization (perhaps by using a compiled language
rather than an interpreted one, etc.), it would be a very welcome speed
jump over the current Ubiquity codebase.
As a potential alternative to Electron for cross platform webapps built on web technologies, it might be worth looking into webview (https://github.com/zserge/webview) as an alternative. From some of the things I've been seeing around the web it gives reasonable compatibility with Electron without adding the entire Chromium engine to each application; rather, it uses built in web rendering engines wherever possible.

Chris MacNaughton

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