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Ubiquity NG - was Re: ubiquity migrated to git

On 05/09/2018 08:33 AM, Didier Roche wrote:
> Some of us on the desktop team are volunteering for that task.
> I personnally remember when I received those 2 separate live and
> install CD from Ubuntu 4.10. I was already praising the number of
> simplifications that Ubuntu added in the Debian installer. However,
> this was nothing compared the first time I was able to experience
> ubiquity and this single live/install CD. I was quite amazed that was
> even doable! I still think that even if ubiquity is showing its age,
> it doesn't have any equivalent in term of friendliness, ease of use,
> and limiting the user interaction to the minimum required, while
> starting installing as quickly as possible.
> This is one of the reason I'm personally motivated, like others in our
> team to give a help here, shaping the next standard of the existing
> installer space. Marrying those technologies will need some deep dive
> analysis of course, but I'm confident we can get there. Also, it's the
> perfect time for starting this effort as it's obviously a multi-cycles
> work to shape it with a robust, and strongly tested approach.
> Just a warning, as most of the interested people are French, we aren't
> sure yet about the need for localization supportâ?¦</french conspiracy> ;) 

Quite right, we are all about the freedom to learn a proper language :)