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ubiquity migrated to git

$ git clone lp:ubiquity
$ git push lp:~user/ubiquity

is all you need to know if you already have the git lp: url setup in
your ~/.gitconfig
[url "git+ssh://USER at git.launchpad.net/"]
        insteadof = lp:

(See https://help.launchpad.net/Code/Git for more details)

lp:ubiquity is owned by ~ubuntu-installer team, and thus access rights
should be same as the bzr branches.

This repository has most of the tags, and currently has three branches:
* xenial
* bionic
* master

I expect master branch to be used for the currently-in-development
release, and branches created on the as-needed basis for SRUs (most
likely just the SRUs). Similar to bzr trunk & series-proposed branches
were used.

Bzr branches are still available from launchpad, simply git is not the
default VCS.

ps. .bzrignore & .bzr-builddeb pre-build hook have not yet been ported
to git, only the history import was done so far.