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Guys, can you please share me some sites where we can practice python programs for beginners and Intermediate.

DFS wrote:

> Here's a fun one: scraping data off a website, 
> and storing it in a SQLite database file.
> ....

  After testing your example code here I found 
  that the length of the  categories  list
  was 1 less than the  terms  list after applying
  dropwords in the  terms  list comprehension .... 

  The subsequent len comparison then failed
  and no data was inserted into the data base .... 

  As a fix I added an extra category ....

    category.append( 'didly' )
  Subsequently, data was inserted
  with a single extra category 
  for the  last  term in terms .... 

  Thanks for posting the example code ....

Stanley C. Kitching
Human Being
Phoenix, Arizona