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Request for opinions: A cross language development tool

Laurent Pointal <laurent.pointal at free.fr>:

> Tal Zion wrote:
>> Bridge compiles Python modules into native code, 
> What is "native", really microprocessor executable binary ? How do you
> adapt to diversity?

They don't need to adapt to different CPU types. They can list supported
targets. Also, they could generate, say, C code to achieve a great level
of portability.

> And running such code on client side have *important* security
> concerns

That's no different for any C program running on your system. It has
access to *everything* in the vast collection of OS libraries through
direct linking and dlopen(3).

In fact, that's no different for any interpreted Python module loaded in
from PyPI.

>> so we don't implement those, and it also uses CPython's ast module in
>> order to parse Python code. So once we are done supporting all of the
>> language features, any Python code should work.
> Supporting features is not only parsing code, it's providing same
> execution semantic.

I think that's where the native code comes in.

> You seem to start a new, potentially complex project (devil is in
> details), ignoring other works which already did same job:

Let them. Some of the greatest things have come about that way.

> this is huge work.
> Bon courage.

That's the attitude!