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Request for opinions: A cross language development tool

On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 4:30 AM, Tal Zion <tal at bridge-dev.com> wrote:
> We use CPython's implementation of exec and eval.

(Please don't keep top-posting.)

Okay. So as I understand it, this requires the full CPython
interpreter to be included at run-time; how does this help you work
seamlessly with other languages? How is this different from simply
having CPython (or PyPy, since you're messing with performance - PyPy
JIT-compiles to native code, so it can be pretty fast), Ruby, etc, etc
all installed and operating separately?

Here's a concrete example. Python has several data types for storing
numbers. Notably, int (which can store *any* integer), and float
(which can store non-integers as well, but has roughly 53 bits of
storage). JavaScript has only the latter. So how can the two
interoperate correctly? Can Python code call a JavaScript function?
Vice versa? And if not, how seamlessly are the languages actually able
to work together?