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Request for opinions: A cross language development tool

On 21/06/2016 15:06, Tal Zion wrote:

> * Bridge makes Python faster: Python code compiled through Bridge is
> compiled to native code. Because we are leveraging LLVM's many
> optimizations, Python code will run faster than ever.

In that case forget any of your other claims. Making any Python code 
faster is useful in itself. But the problems are well-known.

How do you turn:

     a = b + c

into native code for example? (Since this can mean myriad different 
things, which you will not know until runtime, sometimes not until the 
line before. And not even then if 'a=b+c' is a run-time argument of 

And one big advantage of Python is being able to try different things 
and run them instantly. It sounds like you will be using a complicated 
tool-chain performing a series of transformations, or does that all 
happen instantly too?