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Request for opinions: A cross language development tool

Am 21.06.16 um 14:10 schrieb Tal Zion:
> develop frontends in Java, Swift, Javascript, etc.
> So how does this magic work? We developed a new compiler platform called
> Bridge. At the heart of Bridge is the Bridge Extensible Code
> Representation (BECR). Code in any language is parsed into an AST and is
> then translated to the BECR. [.....]
> easy as it**merely translates syntax. Then, Bridge translates the BECR
> to LLVM IR and from there the code can be compiled to x86, arm, asm.js
> or any other LLVM backend*.

So you have repeated .NET, or Parrot, or the JVM. What is new in your 
system that sets it apart from these?

> Soon Bridge will be released as an open source project. We?d love to
> hear your opinions about this project. We?re really excited and we can?t
> wait to see Python being used in more and more places!

Make sure you can do better than those:

http://ironpython.net/ (Python on .NET)
http://parrot.org/ (Python on the Perl-VM)
http://www.jython.org/ (Python on the JVM)

All of those projects promise a seamless integration of several 
languages in a single VM. ALl of them have failed in the sense that the 
languages have not converged onto that platform.