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ASCII or Unicode? (was best text editor for programming Python on a Mac)

On 2016-06-20, Phil Boutros <philb at philb.ca> wrote:
> Steven D'Aprano <steve at pearwood.info> wrote:
>> Quote:
>> "Why do we have to write x!=y then argue about the status of x<>y when we
>> can simply write x?y?"
>> "Simply"?
>> This is how I write x?y from scratch:
><snip long, arduous process>
>     To wrap this back full circle, here's how it's done on vim:  
> Ctrl-K, =, ! (last two steps interchangeable).  Done.  Result:  ?

On any non-broken X11 system it's: <compose> = /

I generally configure my system so that the right-hand "windows" key
is <compose>.  If I used it a lot, I'd probably configure the left
hand one to be the same.

> It's still probably a horrible idea to have it in a programming
> language, though, unless the original behaviour still also works.

Definitely.  And we should allow overbar for logical inversion.  I
never did figure out the X11 compose sequence for the XOR symbol...

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