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UserList - which methods needs to be overriden?

> Using the built-in list or dict is problematic because sometimes the 
> subclass methods are ignored when the internal data is accessed (sorry, I 
> don't have an example).
Are you suggesting that I should use UserList and UserDict instead of
list and dict? What is the truth? Was UserDict left in collections for
backward compatibility, or not?

> How detailed is your change notification? If it's always the same method 
> invocation you may be able to create wrappers like
> def whatever(self, *args):
>     try:
>         return super().whatever(*args)
>     finally:
>         self.changed()
> automatically, and the base class, be it list or UserList or whatever 
> becomes a detail that can be chosen on a case by case basis.
My actual solution looks like this:

class ObservableCollection(Observable):
    def notify(self):

class ObservableList(ObservableCollection, list):
    __slots__ = []

    def remove(self, value):
        with self.notify(): super().remove(value)

    def clear(self):
        with self.notify(): super().clear()

    def pop(self):
        with self.notify(): return super().pop()

It seems to be working with the built in list, dict and set types.

There must be a better way! Something like this:

@wrap_notify('remove', 'clear', 'append', 'insert', 'sort'):
class ObservableList(ObservableCollection, list):

I just can't find out the right syntax.