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Can math.atan2 return INF?

On Sun, Jul 31, 2016 at 10:05 PM, Rustom Mody <rustompmody at gmail.com> wrote:
> All starts with the disorder in the middle-east and a whole lot of arbitrary lines
> drawn there
> [Going backward in time]
> - A line drawn in space called ?Israel?
> - Based on a line drawn in time called the ?Exodus of Moses?

I'm no expert but I believe that Zionism was based upon the idea of
Negation of the Diaspora, not Exodus.

> - Based on the supremely authoritative history-record called ?The Bible?
>   (or Torah depending on the speaker)
> Leaving aside the first and the third, why specifically the Exodus as a definer?
> Before Canaan they were in Egypt, so Israel=Egypt is equally legitimate
> And before?before? they were in Eden.
> Why not set Israel up in Eden?

Since the Exodus story has it that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt
(despite the utter lack of archaeological evidence that they were ever
there en masse), placing Israel in Egypt would seem rather insulting.

> May it just be the (in)convenient fact that knocking the Palestinians out of
> their homes is easier than removing Mr. God from Eden?

Fun historical fact: the land of Palestine was so named by the Roman
Emperor Hadrian after he kicked the Jews out of their homes and forced
them to leave. The name was a Romanization of the ancient land of
Philistia, home of the Philistines, despite that they were long gone
by this point. So the entire existence of Palestine is basically one
big fat Roman middle finger to the Jews.

Not that any of this is meant to condone any of the violence in the Middle East.