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Hi am new to python

Hi I'm also new to Python but would like to reply.
Like others have stated there is a built in function (sum) that can give the sum of the elements of a list, but if what you are trying to do is learn how to use the while command here is some code that will work.
Your question:
My question is in a while loop; how do l sum all the numbers in the given list (list_a)?

list_a = [8, 5, 2, 4]
sum_a = 0 # for storing the sum of list_a
i = 0 # for looping through the list_a# Use a while loop to sum all numbers in list_a# If you store the sums into sum_a
print(sum_a) # should print 19
My answer:
list_a = [8, 5, 2, 4]

sum_a = 0
i = 0
while i < (len(list_a)):
        sum_a += list_a[i]
        i += 1


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