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Why Python is not both an interpreter and a compiler?

On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 11:45 PM, Luca Menegotto
<otlucaDELETE at deleteyahoo.it> wrote:
> Il 31/08/2015 19:48, Mahan Marwat ha scritto:
>> If it hasn't been considered all that useful, then why
>> the tools like cx_freeze, pytoexe are doing very hard!
> Well, I consider those tools useless at all!
> I appreciate Python because, taken one or two precautions, I can easily port
> my code from one OS to another with no pain.
> So, why should I loose this wonderful freedom?

You don't. You can still take your unbundled code and port it just as
easily as before.

What is gained from those tools is the ability to easily distribute
your code to (Windows) users who aren't knowledgable or interested in
maintaining a Python installation on their system. It's something that
you don't likely use unless you have a specific need to do that,

At my previous job where IT had everybody on Windows, we published our
code with batch file launchers onto the internal file server and
maintained several Python installations there to run them with, rather
than maintain them on the systems of 200+ users plus lab computers.
With that setup we didn't require cx_freeze, but we used it in some
cases for better network performance (it's typically faster to
download one large file from the network than hundreds of small