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[RELEASE] ‘python-daemon’ version 2.0.6 released

Howdy all,

I am pleased to announce the release of version 2.0.6 of the
?python-daemon? library.

The current release is always available at

Starting with this version, the uploads to PyPI are signed with my
GnuPG key, so the downloaded file can be automatically verified.

Significant changes since the previous version

This is a bug fix release, addressing this bug:

* Use current Python concept of ?basestring? to test for an
  attribute name.

  This addresses a bug in Python 2 where specifying a signal handler
  by name would fail if the specified name was type ?str?.

The Trove classifiers now also declare the ?Development Status? to be

What is the ?python-daemon? library?

?python-daemon? is a Python library to implement a well-behaved Unix
daemon process.

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