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Suds and Python3

On 5/31/14, 11:36 AM, tokibito at gmail.com wrote:
> Suds is defacto python SOAP client, but it does not mainte recent few years. Why?

Is it really the defacto? It seems like I've heard more about 
pysimplesoap, and looking at GitHub there have been commits in the past 
4 days.

As far as why it hasn't been maintained, you could write and ask the 
authors directly.

In general, SOAP has been falling out of favor over the past half decade 
at least because of its relative heaviness next to, e.g. RESTful web 
services usually using JSON instead of XML. Way, way simpler and more 
fun to do.

That said, SOAP will be around for a long time and if you need to do it, 
you want a good library for it.

I don't have direct experience, but I did do cursory reviews of a 
handful of the SOAP libaries listed here in the python wiki:


And from what I can tell without actually trying any of them, 
pysimplesoap feels like the best option currently.

> I want to use SOAP and Python3. How do it?

If it were me, I'd install each of the libraries listed on the wiki page 
and make a matrix of features desired, make up a suite of unit tests to 
test those features, and then run each of them through the suite to see 
how they stack up. Also consider how "alive" the project is, and how the 
project's bug tracker is maintained, look at their forum, etc.