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better and user friendly IDE recommended?

Den 2014-02-14 skrev Martin Sch??n <martin.schoon at gmail.com>:
> Den 2014-02-14 skrev Rustom Mody <rustompmody at gmail.com>:
>> On Friday, February 14, 2014 2:57:13 AM UTC+5:30, Martin Sch??n wrote:
>>> Den 2013-09-17 skrev rusi 
>>> > On Wednesday, September 11, 2013 7:44:04 PM UTC+5:30, 
>>> > mnishpsyched wrote:
>>> > Just saw this
>>> > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-dUkyn_fZA
>>> > Yeah... scientific programming and web programming are hardly the same :-)
>>> > Still it might be worth 20 minutes of your time
>>> I have started testing this. It is early days so too early to pass
>>> judgement.
>>> Anyone out there using Emacs + Python + Orgmode like this?
>>> I might to need ask some questions :-)
>> The speaker -- Kitchin -- is quite active on the org mode list.
>> And a bunch of other babel users. You should try there.
>> And please do report back your findings!
> OK, I will dive into the Orgmode pond and I will report back but
> please be patient. This is a pure spare time activity.
Here is a first 'report' on this.

First some background on me. My formal programming training dates
back to 1980 and covered Fortran 77 on an IBM mainframe computer.
Later some Pascal and Rocky Mountain Basic was added. I wrote much
of my PhD thesis using vi and LaTeX. Post PhD I used Matlab some
and got exposed to Emacs. I am clearly not a programmer and use
code I write myself very occasionally for supporting my work. I
started to learn Python for fun but have found it useful. All modern
stuff like test drive design, IDEs, object oriented programming
etc are new to me. So now you know why I get things wrong below :-)

Until now I have only used Org-mode in an attempt to organize myself.
I have picked up some neat ideas from Bernt Hansen:
Still my use is very primitive.

Then I came across this thread and the abovementioned talk...

The Orgmode mailing list is a busy place and it seems to me
everyone is very advanced, trying to do things I have problems
fathoming and coding elisp and all. So, I have been lurking and
picking up some ideas on what is possible and I have been
checking them out in the manual and by testing.

My experience of combining Emacs, Orgmode and Python (and
LaTeX) is that it forms a pretty neat system for creating
documented programs, code-enhanced documents and for 
Literate programming. Exporting to PDF and 'tangling' code
seems to work as advertised (so far problems have been my
creations). You can have code with or without row numbers.
You can hide code if you only want to show the results in
your exported document.

What you don't get as far as I can see is code completion,
syntax highlighting etc since Emacs is doing this with
respect to Orgmode and not the programming language you

The following two papers have been helpful/inspiring:

"Acive Documets with Org-mode" by Eric Schulte and 
Dan Davison, Computing in Science & Engineering,
May/June 2011.

"A Multi-Language Computing Environment for Literate
Programming and Reproducible Research" by Eric Schulte,
Dan Davison, Thomas Dye and Carsten Dominik, Journal
of Statistical Software, January 2012, vol. 46, Issue 3.