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Re: 基于cython的即时编译器cyjit,欢迎大家提建议

? Jun 12, 2014?1:16?Skip Montanaro <skip at pobox.com> ???

>> You might say that but I couldn't possibly comment.
> You could run the message through Google Translate. It's not
> publication quality translation, but serves the needs in this
> instance. (Gmail offers to translate the OP's message for me.)
> Here's what GT produced (successfully translates the Chinese, but
> destroys the code structure in the process - what's wrong with those
> people at Google? <wink>):
Thanks skip, I post the email into wrong mail list, I will rewrite it into English. :)
>> I'm writing a cython code using the compiler as a backend instant named cyjit, the python code
>> Convert cython code is then compiled c extension import. Designed primarily reference numba. jit ideas,
>> Use decorate to specify compile function, for example:
>> from cyjit import jit
>> @ Jit ('int (int, int)')
>> def add (a, b):
>> return a + b
>> add (1,2) # compiled
>> @ Jit ('int (int, int)',
>> locals ='' '
>> int c
>> '' ')
>> def add1 (a, b):
>> c = add (a, b) # fast invoked
>> return c
>> add1 (1,2)
>> Currently does not support the type of derivation, C syntax to use local variables defined manually.
>> Jit compilation process is done in the function of Follow-up plans to move to complete the compilation process runtime functions to achieve overloading.
>> Currently supports compilation cache, you need to compile the first run, slower time, Run again compiled directly into the extension, the speed very quickly.
>> Welcome to fork, pull, and suggestions.
>> https://github.com/liuzhenhai/ cyjit

The translation's quality is quite good, I will edit it and post here again. Thanks
> The concept looks like of interesting.
> Skip
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