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How to use SQLite (sqlite3) more efficiently

 > The subject line isn't as important as a header, carried invisibly
 > through, that says that you were replying to an existing post. :)

Sorry for my ignorance, but I've never edited email headers before and 
didn't find any relevant help on Google. Could you please give some more 
details about how to do what you're referring to, or perhaps point me to 
a link that would explain more about it? (FYI, I read the Python mailing 
list on Google Groups, and reply to posts in Thunderbird, sending them 
to the Python-list email address.)

I was thinking that since I've been manually calling conn.commit() in my 
wxPython program after executing each SQL transaction, it would make 
sense to use autocommit mode (by setting 'isolation_level' to None). Am 
I correct about this? I've read on StackOverflow that there can be 
disadvantages to using autocommit mode for SQL databases in general, but 
they weren't elaborated. The only one I could think of would be 
decreased performance if SQL transactions are committed automatically 
more than necessary (which wouldn't apply in my case). I guess that's 
also likely why PEP 249 specifies that Python database implementations 
must have autocommit mode turned off by default.

Thank you.

-- Timothy