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Unicode and Python - how often do you index strings?

On 2014-06-06, Roy Smith <roy at panix.com> wrote:

>> Roy is using MT-NewsWatcher as a client.
> Yes.  Except for the fact that it hasn't kept up with unicode, I find 
> the U/I pretty much perfect.  I imagine at some point I'll be force to 
> look elsewhere, but then again, netnews is pretty much dead.

There are still a few active groups, but reading e-mail lists via NNTP
(in my case using slrn) via gmane is a huge reason to have an
efficient, well-designed "news" client.

If usenet does really pack it in someday and I have to switch from
comp.lang.python to the mailing list, it will be done by pointing slrn
at new.gmane.org -- not by having all those e-mails sent to me so I
can try to sort through them...

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