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OT: This Swift thing

Alain Ketterlin <alain at dpt-info.u-strasbg.fr> wrote:

>> And that's counting only CPU time. If you count wall time, your
>> typical Python program spends most of its time deep inside kernel API
>> calls, waiting for the user or I/O or something.
> But this is true of any IO-bound program, whatever the language.

Exactly, this is true even with Swift. The Swift and the Python program
would spend most of the time doing the same thing (idle processing). Thus a
GUI program written in Python would not exhaust the battery faster than a
program written in Swift. In both cases, the majority of the wall time is
spent inside the kernel waiting for some UI event (keyboard, mouse,
whatever). And in both cases the battery is spent lighting up a screen that
is mostly static. And in both bases the graphics displayed on the screen is
generated inside some UI framework written in Objective-C.