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OT: This Swift thing

On 05/06/14 16:33, Michael Torrie wrote:

 > In any case I'm a bit surprised by people comparing Python to Swift at
 > all, implying that Python would have worked just as well and Apple
 > should have chosen it to replace Objective C.

Because if you look at the spec, Swift is essentially a statically typed 

Swift and Python will also be used in the same niche. C will still be 
used for low-level stuff. Swift is not a replacement for C. It's a 
replacement for Objective-C.

 > Swift provides a cleaner system
 > for developers to work in than Obj C did (which, by the way has
 > reference counting), but carries on the same object model that
 > developers are used to (and existing frameworks use).

That is what PyObjC does as well.