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OT: This Swift thing

On Thursday, June 5, 2014 2:09:34 PM UTC+5:30, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> On Wed, 04 Jun 2014 22:43:05 -0400, Terry Reedy wrote:

> > Many mail readers treat \t as a null char since it actually has no
> > standard translation into screen space.

> I challenge that assertion. There are two standard translations into 
> screen space: jump to the next multiple of 8 spaces, or 1 space.

> Treating \t as a single space would be pathetic but standard. Treating it 
> as (up to) 8 spaces would be more useful, and standard. Rendering it as a 
> picture of a banana dancing on the ceiling would be silly and non-
> standard. Not rendering it at all is even more stupid and less justified.

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