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multiprocess (and paramiko)

I was able to work around this by using a completely different design but I still don''t understand why this doesn't work.  It appears that the process that launches the process doesn't get access to updated object attributes.  When I set and check them in the object itself it behaves as expected.  When I check them from outside the object instance I get the initial values only.  Could someone explain what I'm missing?

Here I have a simple multiprocessing class that when initializes takes a connected SSHClient instance and a command to run on the associated host in a new channel.

import multiprocessing

from time import time
from Crypto import Random
import paramiko        

class Nonblock(multiprocessing.Process):

    def __init__(self, connection, cmd):

        self.transport = connection.get_transport()
        if self.transport is None:
            raise ConnectionError("connection.get_transport() returned None ")
        self.channel = self.transport.open_session()

        self.command = cmd
        self.done = False
        self.stdin = None
        self.stdout = None
        self.stderr = None
        self.status = None
        self.message = str()
        self.time = float()

    def _read(self, channelobj):
        """read until EOF"""
        buf = channelobj.readline()
        output = str(buf)
        while buf:
            buf = channelobj.readline()
            output += buf
        return output

    def run(self):

        start = time()
        stdin, stdout, stderr = self.channel.exec_command(command=self.command)

        self.stderr = self._read(stderr)
        self.status = stdout.channel.recv_exit_status()

        if self.status != 0:
            self.status = False
            self.message = self.stderr
            self.status = True
            self.message = self._read(stdout)

        self.time = time() - start

        self.done = True

I expect to use it in the following manner:

from simplelib import Nonblock
from time import sleep
from paramiko import SSHClient, AutoAddPolicy

if __name__== "__main__":
    connection = SSHClient()

    username = "uname"
    hostname = "hostname"
    password = "password"

    connection.connect(hostname, 22, username, password)
    print connection.exec_command("sleep 1; echo test 0")[1].read()

    n = Nonblock(connection,"sleep 20; echo test 2")

    print connection.exec_command("sleep 1; echo test 1")[1].read()
    while not n.done:
    print n.message
    print "done"