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ImportError: No module named _gdb

Marcelo Sardelich <msardelich at gmail.com> writes:

> Didier thanks for your prompt reply.
> I installed a pre-built version of Python.
> As you said, probably something is missing.
> I tried to google packages related to gdb, but ain't had no luck.

The missing part is related to the gdb-Python integration.
Look around for information about this integration - e.g.
installation instructions.

What is missing is apparently a C extension for Python. When you have
the source of this package, then it may contain a "setup.py".
In this case "[sudo] python setup.py install" may do everything necessary
to get a working C extension.

> Do you have any idea if it is a compiler directive?

Not for this problem.

However, using "gdb" usually profits considerably from
having debugging symbols. A system installed Python usually
lacks those symbols. Therefore, after you have solved
the current problem, it may be profitable to compile your
own Python from source.