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Suds and Python3


First, for such questions, there's always soap at python.org

On 31/05/14 21:59, Paul McNett wrote:
> On 5/31/14, 11:36 AM, tokibito at gmail.com wrote:
>> Suds is defacto python SOAP client, but it does not mainte recent few
>> years. Why?

The original authors don't seem to care anymore. If you search PyPi
you'll see that there are many suds forks as a result. See e.g.

This was a popular topic during past month:

> Is it really the defacto? It seems like I've heard more about
> pysimplesoap, and looking at GitHub there have been commits in the
> past 4 days.

Yes, suds is really the de facto soap client for python. I'd even
dropped the soap client in Spyne years ago in favor of suds. Seeing
suds' current situation though, I'm more and more tempted to sit home
one weekend and bring it back.

> In general, SOAP has been falling out of favor over the past half
> decade at least because of its relative heaviness next to, e.g.
> RESTful web services usually using JSON instead of XML. Way, way
> simpler and more fun to do.

Xml also has its strengths. Especially compared to json, which only
supports 6 types: string, number, dict, list, boolean (true/false) and
null. Json gets hairy very fast even when you try to do seemingly simple
things like serializing arbitrary precision decimals.

> And from what I can tell without actually trying any of them,
> pysimplesoap feels like the best option currently. 

Not really, there are other options. See the discussions in the above link.