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Looking for someone who can build a 64-bit version of SpamBayes installer for Windows

SpamBayes development has been dormant for several years, however it
still has a reasonably good following among the Outlook crowd. (I
guess Microsoft has still not provided good spam filtering tools for
Outlook?) Anyway, though all of SpamBayes is written in pure Python,
there is still a small amount of glue code (Microsoft Visual
C++-generated dialogs, I think) which is written in C++. As more and
more Windows users have moved to 64-bit versions of Windows and
Outlook, we've had more and more reports of failures.

I think all that's necessary (speaking as someone who knows nothing
about Windows) is for someone to build a 64-bit version of the
SpamBayes installer for Windows. I don't know how hard that would be,
but I presume that for someone with some experience in this area it
probably wouldn't be difficult. The current SpamBayes code base should
run with Python 2.7.

Anybody available to help?


Skip Montanaro