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argparse question

Larry Hudson wrote:

> I have been reading the argparse section of the 3.3 docs, and running all
> the example code.
> But in section for the formatter_class, the second example in
> that section illustrating RawDescriptionHelpFormatter, the example code
> is:
> parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
>      prog='PROG',
>      formatter_class=argparse.RawDescriptionHelpFormatter,
>      description=textwrap.dedent('''\
>          Please do not mess up this text!
>          --------------------------------
>              I have indented it
>              exactly the way
>              I want it
>          '''))
> parser.print_help()
> But trying to run this gives a NameError on the "description=" line,
> saying textwrap is not
> defined.  If I delete the "textwrap.dedent" (with or without also deleting
> the extra parentheses) it will then run, but without the un-indenting it
> is trying to illustrate.
> What is the proper way to enable the dedent() method here?

textwrap is a module like argparse, and the example doesn't show

import argparse

either. Insert

import textwrap

at the beginning of your module and the code should run without error.