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IDLE won't run after installing Python 3.3 in Windows

On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 9:56 AM,  <eglowstein.h at gmail.com> wrote:
> The next adventure in Python was to install Python 3 into a Windows XP machine. I had a previous 2.7 installation that I uninstalled and carefully removed all traces of from the directory and the registry.

It is not necessary to uninstall previous  versions of Python. They
can live happily together. Not only does it work, it's a supported
configuration. That's what the launcher is for.
Mucking with the registry is generally inadvisable. It's too easy to
make a mistake.
If you do decide to uninstall a Python version, do it through the
Control Panel. If that results in problems, submit a bug report.

> I got the 'python-3.3.3.msi' from Python.org and installed it. From a command window I can run 'python' and I get the Python prompt. I have several Python programs on the machine. If I right click o one, I have the option of 'Edit in IDLE'. If I do that, the disk light blinks briefly, and then nothing. So I went into the \python33\lib\idlelib directory and from a CMD window, ran 'python idle.py'. That loads IDLE. but when I ask IDLE to load a file, it navigates to a FileOpen dialog and then closes everything when I actually open the file. I then tried the same thing but used 'pythonw' instead. Same deal.
> I also saw some other threads here about how Python can get befuddled by firewalls, so I disabled that with no effect.
> Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!
 I would reinstall Python2.7 and then reinstall Python3.3. That may
straighten out your registry. (It may not)
Let us know if that works.