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Import order question

On 2014-02-18, Tim Chase <python.list at tim.thechases.com> wrote:
> On 2014-02-19 08:49, Chris Angelico wrote:
>> > Are you telling me you're willing to search through a single
>> > file containing 3,734 lines of code (yes, Tkinter) looking
>> > for a method named "destroy" of a class named "OptionMenu"  
>> At my last job, I had a single C++ file of roughly 5K lines, and
>> it wasn't at all unmanageable. Probably wouldn't have been a
>> problem to have another order of magnitude on that. What sort of
>> wimpy text editor are you using that you can't find what you're
>> looking for in a single large file?
> Even the venerable "ed" handles files of those sizes without batting
> an eye.  I just opened a 2MB XML file (50k lines) in ed and jumped
> all around in it with no trouble at all.  It's as simple as
>   1;/class OptionMenu/;/def destroy/
> in most cases.  If your editor can't help you do simple things like
> that, I recommend you find an editor that is at least as good as
> ed. :-)

You think you're joking, but there are lot of editors that aren't.

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