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Import order question

Nagy L?szl? Zsolt <gandalf at shopzeus.com> writes:

> > Use modules to group your class definitions conceptually. There is
> > no need whatever to separate every class into a different module.

> If there is a consensus, and it is really desireable to put all these
> related classes into the same module, then this is what I'm going to
> do.

You should use multiple modules to separate the code where it makes
sense, along *conceptual* lines. Make separate modules that each
represent a conceptually-separate area of functionality in your
application, and put the classes which implement that functionality in
that module.

> I never know when to put classes in different modules. I usually draw
> an UML diagram and group classes into packages. Wich makes sense
> because there can be sub-groups with subpackages. But I'm always
> confused with modules, I don't know why.

You can start by making one module for each of those groupings. (The
term ?package? already has a specific technical meaning in Python, and
I'm not sure whether that's what you meant here.)

> Thanks for the help.

Welcome to Python!

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