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How to turn a package into something pip can install

On 2014-02-16 15:06, Mark Lawrence wrote:
> On 16/02/2014 14:25, Roy Smith wrote:
>> We tend not to upgrade stuff unless there's a good reason to.  You never
>> know what will break (looking furtively in the direction of the Python
>> 3.x mafiosi).
> Yeah, those really unpleasant, nasty, horrible mafiosi who have the
> audacity to point out that people have only been given seven (ish) years
> so far to plan and implement their upgrades.  Then the mafiosi further
> complain when people ask if they can have a Python 2.8 to help plan and
> implement their upgrades.  Yep, this mafiosi mob really do have a lot to
> answer for.  Not.
And, what's more, this mafiosi mob cruelly continues to provide the
previous releases on its website free of charge, including all the
source code.