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A curious bit of code...

On Friday, February 14, 2014 1:01:48 PM UTC-8, Mark Lawrence wrote:
> Pleased to have you on board, as I'm know that Terry Reedy et al can do 
> with a helping hand.
> But please note you appear to be using google groups, hence the double 
> line spacing above and trying to reply to paragraphs that run as a 
> single line across the screen.  Therefore would you please read and 
> action this https://wiki.python.org/moin/GoogleGroupsPython, thanks.

Ah!  Thanks for the tip. ;-)

(Just last night I was trying to explain to a friend about Usenet
and how it's not Google Groups.)

I really hope I can be of use with IDLE.  I've been using it for years now. :)

Warm regards,


"The history of mankind for the last four centuries is rather like that of
an imprisoned sleeper, stirring clumsily and uneasily while the prison that
restrains and shelters him catches fire, not waking but incorporating the
crackling and warmth of the fire with ancient and incongruous dreams, than
like that of a man consciously awake to danger and opportunity."
--H. P. Wells, "A Short History of the World"