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Python programming

On 2014-02-12, Tim Delaney <timothy.c.delaney at gmail.com> wrote:
> OK - it's degenerated into one of these threads - I'm going to
> participate.

Me, too!

I wrote lots of programs, strictly for fun, on every personal
computer I got my hands on. Toward the end of the 80's personal
computer's stopped coming equipped with programming environments,
and I stopped programming.

I eventually learned  some computing theory in college where they
taught C and the rudiments of C++.

Thanks to the open-source movement we've returned to the days
when anybody can program for zero cash. You can program well
enough to amuse yourself with very little effort indeed.

To get from there to being able to write programs to do useful
things for yourself is a lot harder, but this is the niche that
Python fills excellent well. If this is what you want to do,
Python is a good way to go.

That's still just the beginning, but it's a pretty good place.

Neil Cerutti