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Python programming

Hello! Well, I got the knowledge at college, it took me a year to know the
basics (But I guess it can take less if you work hard on it). I began with
C, then C++ and right now I'm with Python (I use PHP too). That said, there
are some interesting resources out there that you can use to learn.
Codeacademy is a very good one[1]. Best of luck with your endeavor :)

[1] http://www.codecademy.com

2014-02-11 19:51 GMT-04:30 ngangsia akumbo <ngangsia at gmail.com>:

> Please i have a silly question to ask.
> How long did it take you to learn how to write programs?
> What is the best way i can master thinker?
> I know the syntax but using it to write a program is a problem
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