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Python programming

On 2/11/2014 7:21 PM, ngangsia akumbo wrote:

 > Please i have a silly question to ask.
 > How long did it take you to learn how to write programs?
 > What is the best way i can master thinker?
 > I know the syntax but using it to write a program is a problem

Here's one way to learn:

Start with a manual (the online Python and Tkinter manuals are fine)
and a computer.

While (true):

   Write some code using skills that you have plus at least one new
   thing you've never done before that you will master and add to
   your skills.

   If you're not having fun:


To start, a total beginner might try things that take 10 minutes and
3 lines of code.  Over time the skills he has will keep increasing
and he'll find himself writing longer programs that take more time
to write and produce more interesting outputs.

The key is to have fun.  If you find this work interesting and
absorbing, you'll learn quickly and you'll enjoy all the time that
you spend on it.  You might get good enough in just a few months to
try some very significant and useful programs.  You won't be ready
to write commercial software, but you'll be on your way.

If you find it uninteresting, boring, or impossible to understand,
then programming might not be the right thing for you.  That doesn't
mean you aren't smart.  I've met some very smart people who don't
like programming and aren't good at it.

There are already too many programmers who don't really like
programming and just learned it because they thought they could get
good jobs.  Most of them wind up with relatively bad jobs and are
not respected by their colleagues.  Don't join that crowd.

Best of luck.