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[RELEASED] Python 3.4.0 release candidate 1

Terry Reedy <tjreedy at udel.edu> wrote:

> On 2/11/2014 2:43 AM, Larry Hastings wrote:
>> On behalf of the Python development team, I'm delighted to announce
>> the first release candidate of Python 3.4.
>> To download Python 3.4.0rc1 visit:
>>      http://www.python.org/download/releases/3.4.0/
> I installed 64 bit 3.3.4 yesterday with no problem. I reran it today in 
> repair mode and again, no problem.
> With 64 bit 3.4.0, I get
> "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program 
> required for the install to complete could not be run."
> No, the generic message does not bother to say *which* program :-(.
> 34 bit 3.4.0 installed fine. I redownloaded 64bit 3.4.0 and install 
> gives the same message.
> Can someone verify that this is not some bizarre glitch on my machine?
I downloaded and installed it without problems on a 64bit Windows 7 system.
Maybe it is a bizarre glitch on your system, or perhaps it assumes 
something is present which is there on my system and missing on yours.

I see that part way through the install it downloads setuptools/pip from 
pypi. Did your system have network access?

What happens if you enable the installer log by running:

  msiexec /i python-3.4.0rc1.amd64.msi /L*v logfile.txt

Does it put any useful messages in logfile.txt?

Duncan Booth